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Drs. Chiantella and Feldman

Reston Breast Care Specialists exists with the purpose of providing advanced diagnostic and surgical care for women facing breast disease and cancer. Our team of highly trained physicians includes, Drs. Virginia Chiantella and Elizabeth Feldman who provide comprehensive breast care to their patients and are an integral part of the multidisciplinary breast program at Reston Hospital.

At Reston Breast Care Specialists, we understand that the idea of facing breast cancer and undergoing breast surgery can be traumatic. Drs. Chiantella and Feldman do their absolute best to ensure that each patient has a firm understanding of what she is facing, and her surgical options. By no means does undergoing breast surgery always mean that a woman will lose her breast. Many women are candidates for breast preserving surgery (such as lumpectomy), and even in cases where mastectomy is necessary, breast reconstruction is an option for almost all women

In addition to seeing Drs. Chiantella and Feldman, each patient will be referred to Reston Hospital Center's women's oncology nurse navigator, Laurie Rudolph, RN, OCN. Laurie will help women through the entire process of facing breast cancer, from surgery to medical and radiation treatment, and on to survivorship. Drs. Chiantella and Feldman are proud to be a part of the Reston Hospital Breast Center, which includes minimally invasive biopsy, partial breast irradiation, medical oncology, outpatient infusion, and advanced imaging at the Women's Imaging Center.

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